SweetSpot Tee Home

$199.00 in stock / free shipping

A new innovative approach to batting practice. Work on all 9 quadrants of the strike zone with the Sweetspot batting tee. Our patented technology allows players to reposition the tee top for varietal hitting practice in short periods of time.


SweetSpot Tee Pro

$399.00 in stock / free shipping

Our most popular batting tee. The Sweetspot batting Tee Pro offers an upgraded tee top with a hand-rolled rubber top giving players a more comfortable training session. Just like the Home version; the pro allows players to reposition the tee top for scenario hitting.



Awesome Features

Great tee, the build quality is fantastic and it lets me set the tee in any position that I want. I didn’t know how helpful this would be until I tried it.

March 12, 2019

Great Tee!

I was skeptical at first, tee arrived quickly and set up was a breeze. I’m enjoying the functionality of it. Thanks!

Jeff Culhane
May 9, 2019


I decided to get the pro version because of the flex top. Cool tee, I’m happy I purchased it. It is a lot more functional than the other stationary tees on the market.

Ashley Mckinnon
June 5, 2019

SweetSpot Tee

Works great, my son and I are loving it! We used it about 3 times, each time we had people come up asking us where we got it. It definitely has some cool functionality.

James C
June 5, 2019
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