One of the biggest benefits of SweetSpot Tee is the speed of the drill. Players get to work on their strengths as well as their weaknesses without the coach having to pick up the device and move it. Our innovative tee is fall over resistant with counterweights built into the device. The quick adjustment handle allows for varietal hitting practice in short periods of time.

A patented innovative design allows for smooth, simple adjustments in both the vertical and horizontal position. Giving players a custom training session.

SweetSpot Tees are designed as a baseball and softball batting tee. Our hand-rolled top allows players to practice efficiently without ever feeling the tee.

Covers all 9 quadrants of the strike zone, allowing players to hone in on their strengths and weaknesses.

Builds muscle memory for all swing planes.

Strength and endurance building.

Sequence hitting & repetition drills.