A good coach uses every minute he gets in practice improving his team. A coach might get 1 to 2 hours for practice, so they must use every minute wisely. One of the biggest benefits of SweetSpot Tee is the speed of the drill. The player gets to work on their strengths as well as their weaknesses without the coach having to pick up the device to move it. The tee is fall over resistant with counterweights built into the device.


Benefits include:

  1. Complete Plate Coverage
  2. Trains All 9 Quadrants
  3. Fast and Efficient
  4. Hand-Eye Coordination Increases
  5. Muscle Memory Training
  6. Replaces “soft-toss” warmups
  7. Helps any player at any level
  8. Enhances strengths and improves weaknesses into strengths
  9. Sets up for Righties or Lefties
  10. Emulates curves, sliders, sinkers and even risers for fastpitch softball. (No old, standard tee today is able to do that)
  11. Quick car-tee swap out for different height training.
  12. Very easy to use
  13. Manufactured in Minnesota!
  14. Limited 3 Year Warranty
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