Tee work is not the most exciting part of baseball or softball, but it is fundamental to the game if you want to improve. SweetSpot is taking traditional tee work and making it fun for the player. SweetSpot Tee covers the entire strike zone without having to pick up the device and moving it. With sequence and scenario hitting, Sweet Spot Tee is taking conventional tee work and making it a competition. This makes tee work fun! Check out our most popular model: HERE

Benefits include:

  • Covers all 9 quadrants of the strike zone
  • Making contact, finding the Sweet Spot
  • Muscle memory for all swing planes
  • Set your feet once and you’re locked in (no foot adjustments, know your stance)
  • Turns weaknesses into strengths
  • Sequence hitting, repetition drills
  • Scenario hitting
  • Instills confidence for any at bat
  • Strength and endurance building
  • Fun!


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