Our inventor, Charlie Howerton, built the first prototype in his garage 12 years ago as a way to help his son, Chris, become a better hitter. Playing Little League didn't come as naturally to Chris as it had for Charlie. Charlie was a world-class Little League player in his day, playing all over the world with an elite All Star team called the Little Gophers from Minnesota.

Charlie knew he wanted to and could help his son. He tried tees as a device, but he realized he had to move the whole tee to a certain location to teach hitting swing planes and mechanics to Chris. He also noticed how often he was picking the tee up off the ground. Coming home from a long day of construction to go to the park and practice wasn't enjoyable and it certainly wasn't helping Charlie's back. Charlie is an inventor. He knew what he wanted and decided to build a training tee on his own. The first thing he accomplished was a counter weight system so the tee wouldn't tip over all the time, thus saving time and his back didn't have to suffer. The second thing he designed was a simple movable tee on a car that slid across a track above the plate. Now he could move across the tee across the plate and change the height of the ball all with a simple telescopic handle.

It was time to test the new tee at the park. Charlie and Chris would bring a bucket of 30 balls with them. Charlie could now go anywhere he wanted with the tee, place the ball and feed Chris ball after ball after ball. After just a few practices, both of them noticed Chris was grouping balls to areas of field depending upon where Charlie located the ball. Outside pitches were now going to right and right center field. Inside pitches were now going to left and left center field on a much more consistent basis. As Chris took this training to the field, his hitting became his strength. He became one of the top hitters in his league and continued to do so for years later as he played baseball. Charlie said the best thing about this tee, for him, wasn't the fact that he helped his son become a much better hitter, it was all the quality time spent together at the park as father and son. That alone was the best victory.

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