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Both players and coaches can benefit greatly from the SweetSpotTee Pro. This redesigned tee allows the coach to position the ball with ease in a variety of locations for a truly custom practice session. The SweetSpotTee Pro differs from the home version with the added features- Comes complete with a base channel, counter balance weights, track,  1 car,  1 adjustable tee top choice of 10″ or 13″,  plate and adjustable handle for the trainer.

Made in the U.S.A with high grade materials, the SweetSpotTee will stand the test of time and abuse as it delivers consistent benefits and results for the users.

Benefits include:

  •  A more customized practice session.
  • Side-to-side motion and pitch adjustment.
  • Made in the U.S.A .
  • A unique approach to softball and baseball coaching.
  • Counter balance weights for better stability.
  • Included track allows the SweetSpotTee to move forward and backwards for a fully custom position.
  • Your choice of a 10″ or 13″ tee top.


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4 reviews for SweetSpot Tee Pro

  1. Kevin

    Great tee, the build quality is fantastic and it lets me set the tee in any position that I want. I didn’t know how helpful this would be until I tried it.

  2. Ashley Mckinnon

    I decided to get the pro version because of the flex top. Cool tee, I’m happy I purchased it. It is a lot more functional than the other stationary tees on the market.

  3. Mickey

    Pretty interesting tee. I was able to hit a few balls last weekend. Will update when I’ve had more experience with it. So far so good.

  4. John S.

    Saw this at a Little League Tournament yesterday. The guys showing this really know their stuff! The kids actually were having fun doing tee work…imagine that! I immediately could see how this will help kids with their hitting prowess. Seriously, I thought the price tag was going to be around 700 or 800 dollars for this. I just ordered a Pro for my kids. My 10 year plays baseball and my 13 year old plays fastpitch softball. I can’t wait to receive this and hopefully see my kids improve for next season!

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