Perfect Practice Creates Perfect Results.

This unique approach to tee practice allows coaches to maximize their coaching time by increasing the speed of the drill. The player gets to work on their strengths as well as their weaknesses without the coach having to pick up the device to move it. The tee is fall over resistant with counterweights built into the device.  The quick adjustment handle allows for varietal hitting practice in short periods of time.

With standard tee work, the player and coach have a limited range of movements and zones that they can practice with because of the stationary nature of the tee. With Sweetspot Tees, that is no longer a problem. SweetSpot Tees allows a player to practice using all areas of the strike zone; which helps form a more well rounded player.


SweetSpot Tee offers 3 variations of the SweetSpot Tee. The Home, Pro and Pitch.

SweetSpot Tee Home

The home comes with the standard equipment, giving the coach varietal movement from side to side as well as adjusting the pitch. This allows the coach to give the player a fully customizable practice session.

SweetSpot Tee Pro   

The Sweetspot Tee pro comes with everything that the home version comes with but with counter weights for more stability, as well as a track allowing the tee to move forwards and backwards, giving the coach movement in the X, Y and Z axis.

SweetSpot Pitch

A new and unique way of live throwing “target practice”. The Sweetspot pitch Allows players to practice throwing to all nine quadrants of the strike zone.

This product is currently in development and is coming soon.


Wether you are coaching baseball, or softball. Or just practicing in the backyard; SweetSpotTee’s innovative way of practicing allows users a truly unique way of dialing in their skills. This tee is perfect for all ages and all skill levels.

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